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Frequently AskeD Questions

Do you work with particular industries or types of companies?

We help firms of all domains and sizes. They can be startups and small companies too. We indeed have a soft spot for startups as they are the emerging ones and need help the most. We always look forward to putting our experience and knowledge to good use.

2.What's the quick rundown on what you do, again?

We provide consulting services, in short, helping companies identify, and solve problems. Our goal is to provide a plan, so your business can improve its position, in terms of cost, risk, etc.

As a full-service web development company, we provide a comprehensive suite of web services including design, strategy, development, and integration. We make your website work everywhere!

Our services include everything from branding, web design, SEO to content strategy, and business consulting.

How do you work?

We work like any other consultancy business. We will start with an initial consultation proceeding to some brief discussions about your business. We must get a clear picture of your situation. With mutual consents, we will move forward to scope out a project.

Can you guarantee that your plan will raise capital?

Of course not. There is no service out there who can make that guarantee. Indeed we will suggest that if anybody ever makes a guarantee like this, it’s a good idea to leave quickly. We provide you a plan but, plan alone cannot do everything. A plan does not raise funds. We provide our best services that help you prepare. Once you are prepared it’s you who presents yourselves out to the customers or investors. We coach and mentor, but we cannot write your exams. At the end of the day, it’s you and your business who close the deals.

5.Do we need a Business Plan?

The number one myth people now believe is Investors no longer read Business Plans. For your business to take off, you need investors and investors will only invest when you prove yourself as a growing company. There are a few questions about every business that only a business plan can answer. It incorporates the best information you have at the moment. So yes, a business plan is indeed needed.

Why hire a consultant for a business plan when we can do that ourselves?

Go ahead and spend 500 hours preparing a business plan and do make sure it is an investor-grade! But do you have this much time to do every research? Or instead, you would like to use this time to do the strategic work? Build your product and team. Concentrate on marketing and build a customer base. A consultant will be used to this research and hence already has insights on the strategies which you may lack. Do you take a piece of expert advice when you are stuck or you learn a new domain and then solve your issue yourselves? You decide if you want to go the hard way or smart way.

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